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Grilled Shrimps: Preparing And Grilling

Grilled Shrimp Is Quick And Easy And Tastes Great

Grilled Shrimp Preparing And GrillingGrilled shrimps are marinated in a sensational medley of citrus juices, garlic, cilantro, parsley, and basil. Making grilled shrimp is excellent for a meal or as an appetizer. Grilled shrimp is perfectly accented by this light, summery pineapple-melon salsa.

Grilled shrimps are hands down the best food on the planet and when coupled with lime, well, it beats everything. Grilled shrimp is a tasty dish that is sure to please any seafood lover. Grilled Shrimp is juicy, succulent grilled shrimp with tangy lime flavor and plenty of spice!Grilled shrimp can stand up to an assertive green like arugula and sweet and juicy grilled peaches are the perfect counterparts to a tangy blue cheese.

The Food Lab: 5 Steps to the Best Grilled Shrimp

Grilling fast-cooking foods is always a balancing act. Hot and hard is the only way to develop those characteristic deep brown grill marks and charred spots that give grilled foods their unique flavor—a process called the Maillard reaction that takes place rapidly at around 300°F (150°C) and higher. On the other hand, for the most tender, juicy meat, gentle and slow is the way to go. This is never more true than when you’re cooking shrimp.

You see, shrimp happen to be quite moist, and since the Maillard browning reaction can’t begin to take place until surface moisture has evaporated, you need plenty of high heat to get those shrimp browned and flavorful. On the other hand, shrimp meat is also quite delicate. It goes from tender and juicy with a nice snap to overcooked and rubbery within the span of a few degrees.

With a big fat steak, it’s relatively easy to get the best of both worlds. You can brown the exterior before the interior overcooks. Shrimp, on the other hand, are so darn small* that even with the most powerful grill and ultra-high heat, it’s very difficult to brown them significantly before they begin to overcook. Under normal conditions, you’ve got two choices: flavorful and rubbery, or tender and bland. I’m not particularly happy settling for either of those. Check more here.

With just a few ingredients, these sweet and spicy grilled shrimp are perfect for entertaining or for a weeknight when you just want something fun to throw on the grill.


If you are looking for a weeknight, quick and easy meal or just a different, tasty grilled meal, shrimp is the answer for you. If you haven’t tried shrimp on the grill yet, it is a definite must.

Few Steps to Grilled Shrimp:

1. For the best possible results, buy fresh shrimp on the day that you plan to grill them. Shrimp thaw quickly and can go bad even more quickly. Make sure that you buy either jumbo or colossal sized shrimp for easier grilling.

2. Shrimp can be grilled with or without their shells. I like to peel the shrimp prior to grilling. Remove all of the shell except for the part that is around the tail of the shrimp. Removing the shell will allow the marinade to penetrate the meat and give the shrimp more taste.

3. Devein the shrimp by using a small, sharp knife to cut down the back of each peeled shrimp. Pull out the back vein while washing the shrimp under cold water. The vein is noticeable in jumbo or colossal shrimp. Read more here.

The grilled shrimp can be made better with this old bay seasoning and can serve at any party, get together, social event or for game time.

Health Benefits of Eating Shrimp

While shrimp may be small in size, they are huge in terms of nutritional value and the health benefits they offer. Read on to learn how shrimp can help you lose weight, provide you with important beauty nutrients — such as the antioxidant astaxanthin — and add cancer-fighting minerals to your diet.

Weight loss benefits of eating shrimp

Loaded with protein, vitamin D, vitamin B3, and zinc, shrimp are an excellent, carbohydrate-free food for anyone determined to shed off pounds. Zinc supplementation of zinc deficient subjects has been shown to increase the levels of circulating leptin. Leptin is a hormone that plays a key role in regulating the body’s energy expenditure, fat storage, and appetite. Insufficient leptin levels are believed to be the primary cause of food cravings, overeating, and obsession with food. The iodine in shrimp is good for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland which controls the basal metabolic rate, or the rate at which the body consumes energy at rest. Iodine deficiency can result in sluggish thyroid activity which in turn can lead to weight gain or hinder weight loss.

A true beauty food

Shrimp contain astaxanthin, a carotenoid that gives them their pink color and that can act as a potent antioxidant and protect the skin from premature aging. Also the omega-3 fatty acids in shrimp provide antioxidant protection. The zinc shrimp boast plays an important role in the production of new cells (including hair cells and skin cells). It also helps maintain the oil-secreting glands on the scalp that keep hair shiny. In addition, shrimp are a good source of copper which can help prevent hair loss, contribute to hair thickness, and intensify hair color. See full article here.

Grilled Shrimps Is Succulent, Tender, And Mouthwatering

One of the tricks for cooking grilled shrimps is to get them on and off the hot grill quickly. Marinated in orange marmalade, balsamic vinegar, and lime juice, these grilled shrimp are packed with flavor. Grilled shrimp are also a great appetizer since it cooks up so quickly.

Grilled shrimps are quickly marinated in a spiced tomato sauce, then grilled–either indoors or out. Grilled shrimp can be served any number of ways and this basic recipe will get you started. Fresh grilled shrimp can be the star attraction of any party, get together, social event or for game time, call us here: (888) 556-8121.

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Common Sense Tips For Cold Weather Grilling

A Cold Weather Grilling Are Hilarious

Common Sense Tips For Cold Weather GrillingCold weather grilling is also a great way to celebrate the holidays. Cold weather grilling is not much different than summer grilling because their climate is conducive all year. A cold weather grilling is not as simple as just throwing a few burgers on the grill and braving the elements.

Cold weather grilling is becoming increasingly popular, especially during the holidays. Cold weather grilling is all about keeping the chill at bay, so choose recipes that are warm and comforting. A common strategy for cold weather grilling is to work with cuts of meat that cook hot and fast like burgers or thinner steaksCold weather grilling can be finicky and the last thing you want to do is serve undone chicken or pork to your guests.

Embrace the Cold-Weather Griller in You

Believe it or not, when I was growing up, people routinely retired their grills after Labor Day. Times have changed. Whether it’s due to a protracted appetite for the smoky flavors of summer or the continued need for barbecue bragging rights all year long, live-fire cooking outdoors has become a four-season obsession.

You might wonder why you’d take winter grilling advice from a guy who lives in Miami. Well, prior to moving to Florida, I lived in Boston for 20 years, and I’ve grilled in snowstorms in Montreal and Calgary. (Never mind that it was May in Montreal and October in Calgary.) I’ve chipped the ice off my kettle grilland swaddled my smoker with a blanket to hold in the heat.

According to a Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association survey, 56 percent of the respondents claim to grill during the winter months. If you’re one of them, you probably know some of the following advice already. If not, listen up—these tips will improve your chances for success no matter how low the temperature plummets. See more here.

So many people pack their grills in for the winter, and yet, cold weather grilling can be extremely satisfying.

Cold Weather Grilling & Smoking

When the exterior of your grill or smoker is cold the interior is not happy. The cold metal absorbs heat from the warm air inside lowering the cooking temp. Whether you are using gas, charcoal, or pellets, in inclement weather you need more fuel to heat the air and the walls of the cooking chamber both initially and throughout the whole cook.

Also, because the combustion process needs oxygen, it sucks in cold air and that can further reduce the oven temp. Meanwhile, moisture from the meat and water pans condenses on the interior like fog on the bathroom mirror further cooling the metal.

Gas cookers

Many people erroneously believe that gas will not flow at low temperatures. Not true. Propane is in liquid form in the tank, and it must boil to become a gas. The boiling point of propane is -44°F so you should have no problem getting gas to flow unless you live in Siberia. The pressure will drop as the air temp drops, and as the level of fuel drops, but that’s why gas grills and smokers have a regulator, that disk-shaped device between the tank and the cooker. Check more here.

One other way to ensure that your cold weather grilling is as excellent as it is during the summer is to find a reliable outdoor cooking thermometer.

Ten Tips for Cold Weather Grilling

You know how great that chicken, steak or burger tastes in the summer when it’s warm, right? So don’t settle when it is cold out! I want to pass along some tips for grilling when cold weather abounds.

Here are my ten tips for grilling in cold weather –

  1. Plan on dishes with shorter cooking times . Lean meats and thinner or smaller cuts cook quickly over high heat. Chicken breast, pork loin, and steak cook fast.
  2. Preheat your grill longer. Preheating takes longer in the winter. Your grill grate that contacts with the surface of the meat is much colder to start with. Let your grill grates heat at least 30 minutes. This will help with sear marks and reduce sticking.
  3. Use the cold to your advantage. Stick your beverages in the snow. If you have to marinate under refrigeration and it’s 30f out, don’t take up space in your ‘fridge.
  4. Use quality charcoal that is warm and dry. Cold and wet charcoal will take forever to light and come to temp. Use lump charcoal, it burns hotter and faster.
  5. Wear shoes that you can slip on and off. You don’t want to keep tracking in snow, mud and ice into the house. Read full article here.

Cold Weather Grilling Is The Best!

The most obvious issue with cold weather grilling is the colder temperatures. Perhaps the best part of Cold weather grilling is the immediate respect it garners from your neighbors. Cold weather grilling is a savory way to stay warm this winter Fall and winter grilling are positively correlated with the weather.

If you brave the elements, cold weather grilling is now one of the hottest trends. Another good candidate for cold weather grilling are items suited to the rotisserie. Cold weather grilling can be just as fun and delicious as it is in the summertime, as long as you prepare well and follow some helpful guidelines, call us here: (888) 556-8121.

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Winter Barbecue Recipes: Delicious Barbecue Dishes Perfect For The Cold Weather

A Winter Barbecue Is Perfect

Winter Barbecue Recipes: Delicious Barbecue Dishes Perfect For The Cold WeatherTo ensure your winter barbecue is a success, we have some top tips for you. A winter barbecue is a great opportunity to have a go at something different. The summer season asks for fresh salads, but a winter barbecue is not complete without some hot veggies on the side.

The other essential cooking tip for winter barbecue is to trust your nose and timer. Hosting a winter barbecue is a fantastic way to entertain guests and get rid of those mid-winter blues. Don’t forget the matching accessories to ensure your winter barbecue is a success.The winter barbecue is an opportunity for guests to revel with cocktails in the bracing beauty of a winter night and then head inside for the cozy comfort of winter char.

Neither Sleet Nor Snow Nor…

I have tried grilling in the winter before but I find it is hard to keep the grill hot enough to get the same great results I get in the summer or in warmer weather.

On your show, BBQ U, I notice that it is always nice there….no rain or snow. I would love to see how you address grilling in cold winter conditions. What is the best wintertime grill and how would you set it up? Are some foods better to cook in the winter on a grill than others?

Mastery of winter grilling has three major benefits:

  1. You and your family and friends can conceivably enjoy the incomparable flavors of grilled and barbecued food year-round, and not just for three to four months
  2. You’ll appear courageous and daring—a breed apart from “fair weather” grillers
  3. The primeval connection to our distant cave-dwelling ancestors is intensified in challenging weather, i.e., even if your kitchen stove is in perfect working order, you can pretend, while braving the elements, that were it not for you and the power of the fire you built, your family would be gnawing on a frozen joint of raw meat. Check more here.

Cooking close to a structure or house is your best choice to help block those cold gusts, just be sure to avoid overhangs, porches, and anything that could present a fire hazard.


While some grillers actually have awesome weather for 12 months out of the year – yes, I’m talking to those of you who post kettle pictures of perfectly grilled steaks on eighty degree sunny December days – jealous! A lot of us grill through harsh snowy winters. We do not appreciate the cold, but we do relish the grilling.

It is safe to say cold weather does not slow us down, but it does, at least in my case, change my tactics. When the weather is really bad, I’m still grilling, but I try to minimize how many trips I take out the backdoor and how much snow and water I traipse back in the house.

I’m looking for meals and methods which are forgiving and most importantly, allow me only three trips outside. One to start the grill, one to place my food, and one to take it off.

Cold Weather Planked Chicken
by Mike Lang

2 cedar planks
1 whole chicken, 3-5 pounds
olive oil
kosher salt and freshly ground pepper. Read more here.

Depending on how cold it is outside, you’ll use about 1/2 again of what you would typically use to keep the grill at the proper temperature during warmer weather.

Winter grilling tips and recipes

Just because winter has turned the weather chilly doesn’t mean you have to forgo firing up your grill. In fact, grilling in the winter is a fun and fiery way to eat hearty and stay warm. Here are five winter grilling tips from BBQ king and cookbook author Ted Reader who says, “Have a no fear kind of attitude, keep it simple and make it delicious.” What are you waiting for? Turn up the heat!

Winter grilling tip #1: Dress warmly

You don’t walk out to shovel snow without being well-dressed for the winter conditions and you shouldn’t grill outdoors without being warmly clad either. Reader suggests, “Long johns, a turtle neck, layers of clothing, but not so many that you cannot move.” In addition, he recommends warm gloves that allow you to move your fingers, such as gloves that have the ability to remove the finger tips.

Winter grilling tip #2: Keep your tanks full

“If using propane make sure your tank or tanks are kept full. Propane does not perform as well in the cold as does natural gas,” says Reader. That means check your tank today and get it filled before you decide to fire up your grill. You may also need to give your grill a few more minutes than usual to heat to the proper temperature. If the outdoor temps are frigid, your grill is starting off cold, too. See full article here.

Winter Barbecue Is The Best!

Hosting a winter barbecue is a real treat. You can barbecue all throughout the year but a winter barbecue is just that little bit more special. Hosting a winter barbecue can be a great way to entertain some guests and get rid of those cold winter sorrows.

The winter barbecue is fast becoming a trend. A winter barbecue can be fun it’s easy to bring summer gaiety to wintertime meals. Home-made soups and a winter barbecue will warm your body, and the concluding carol singing will warm your soul, call us here: (888) 556-8121 for more barbecue recipes.

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Grill Maintenance Tips

Grill Maintenance Tips Is Important For Taste And Safety Reasons

Grill Maintenance TipsGrill maintenance tips are important to keep your meals as flavorful as possible. Grill maintenance is so important for the longevity and use of your favorite piece of cookware. Part of regular grill maintenance is scraping down your firebox of accumulated grease, and scraping out the drip pan, specifically to avoid this.

A key part of grill maintenance is properly cleaning and maintaining your stainless steel cooking grates. Outdoor gas grill maintenance is a must especially if you want your grill to last longer than its expected lifespan. To keep your gas grill in the good working order you are going to have to spend a little time maintaining it.Cleaning your grill is part of this process but you need to protect and maintain your investment. There are lots of cycles to your maintenance program.

Get the Grill out of the Garage: Simple tips to help prepare for BBQ season

It’s been a long winter and if you’re not a hardcore griller, your barbeque has been hibernating in the garage for months. However, before you head to the butcher and grab some T-bones, there are some simple steps you should take to get your barbeque in top grilling condition. Grab a beer or two and get to work!

The top five tips for preparing your BBQ this Spring are:

1. Have your cleaning supplies ready

You wouldn’t cook in a dirty kitchen, so why would you grill on a dirty barbeque? In order to sanitize and deep clean your grill, you will need the following products: a brass wire brush, small pail to hold hot water, dish soap, venturi brush, a 1/16” drill bit, replacement grease cups, spatula, stainless steel cleaner and some fine sandpaper.

2. Give your grill a good spring cleaning

The cleaning supplies listed will help clean every nook and cranny of your barbeque.

Start with the burners. It is easier to detach the burners and take them out of the grill for a very thorough cleaning. Pass a venturi brush through the burners to snag out any blockages then brush the tops of the burners using a brass wire brush. Once the burners are cleaned, check all of the burner ports to ensure that they are opened. If some are closed with food particles you can use a 1/16” drill bit to open them. See more here.

The most important task in gas grill maintenance is cleaning and is just as important as washing your pans after cooking a meal indoors.


Particularly when the weather is mild (and even sometimes when it’s not…) many of us are firing up our Weber gas grills almost every day of the week. With all that action going on, it can be easy to forget some of the most important parts of grilling: cleaning and maintenance.

I know it sounds crazy, but I consider all of my Weber grills to be a part of the family. Needless to say, taking great care of them is high on my list of cooking priorities. You see, over time the performance of your grill can diminish if has not been maintained properly.

Low temperatures, uneven heat and food sticking to grates are all possible side effects of poor grill cleaning and conditioning. Luckily, a simple monthly maintenance plan is an easy and inexpensive way to keep your beloved Weber gas grills in tip-top shape.

  1. Wipe the outside of the grill lid with a paper towel and cleaner (glass cleaner for porcelain-coated lids and stainless steel cleaner for stainless steel lids.) If your grill is stainless steel, you’ll get the best results by buffing with the grain, not against, using a microfiber towel.
  2. Clean the side tables with a microfiber towel and stainless steel cleaner. Again, make sure to buff with the grain. If your tables are made of theromset plastic, use a mild dish detergent and warm water instead. Check more here.

Outdoor gas grill maintenance is a good practice to use over the summer not just when opening the thing up in the spring.

How to Clean and Maintain a Gas Grill

There is perhaps no finer way to spend a summer evening than grilling and enjoying the fruit of your efforts with friends and family. Doing so of course requires a properly functioning grill. Gas grills often have a long lifespan, but that can be shortened if you don’t clean and maintain yours regularly. Burners can get dangerously clogged, gunk can build up so much that it causes small fires, and rust can take over your once-beautiful cooking machine. Luckily, maintenance and cleaning doesn’t take too much effort. Read on to find out how to keep your gas grill functioning smoothly and belching meat-searing fire.

Maintaining Your Gas Grill

There’s really not a whole lot you need to do to keep your grill in tip-top shape. Following the few tips below will ensure years and years of successful and safe cooking:

1. Routinely check for propane leaks. On a monthly basis, run some soapy water along the gas line and connections (with the propane turned on). If you see bubbles form, you know there’s a leak, and you either need to tighten the connection or replace the line.

2. Cover your grill. Keep your grill covered when not in use. Most brands make their own covers, which of course have to be bought separately, but they’re well worth it. Protecting your grill from the elements keeps it from rusting and becoming dirtier than it needs to be. Read full article here.

A Grill Maintenance Tips Is A Must!

The first rule of grill maintenance tips is to brush your grill every time you use it. Outdoor gas grill maintenance is widely considered among the best gas. Neglecting gas grill maintenance can lead to reduced performance and problems such as uneven heat, lower temperatures, and even food sticking to the grates.

Outdoor gas grill maintenance tips are important to ensure the meat and vegetables are ready for the patio party. Proper grill maintenance can make cooking safer and extend the life of your barbecue. Regular grill maintenance can prolong the life of your outdoor gas grill and save you the cost of an expensive replacement, call us here: (888) 556-8121.

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How to Find the Best BBQ Pro Smoker

BBQ Pro Smoker Is A Genuinely Reliable Alternative

How to Find the Best BBQ Pro SmokerA residential grade BBQ pro smoker is designed for cooking for a few people in a casual atmosphere. BBQ smoker is ready to help you enjoy easy and profitable barbecues for years to come. A BBQ smoker is priceless, and before long, you will have a long line of people outside your yard who are eager to eat your tasty Q!

For passionate barbeque lovers, getting a BBQ pro smoker can match building your own in the satisfaction meter. BBQ Smoker is designed to bring the authenticity of real fire and smoke to the serious caterers. A BBQ smoker is packed with cool, easy-to-use features to get you hooked on food smoking all year round.The barbeque or home BBQ smoker is one of the most enjoyable events of summer because it becomes more than just about making an amazing meal.

Why You Should Really Own a Smoker

Although we’ve compiled some great tips on how to succeed in kettle smoking, after using my grill for years to smoke meat low-and-slow, I have to say that it wasn’t until I graduated to a smoker that I started creating truly worthy barbecue. So what’s the difference, and why do you need a smoker?Here’s a breakdown between two racks of baby back ribs, one done on the smoker, one on the grill, on the same day, using the same recipe.


The one source of frustration for me when smoking on a kettle is temperature control. A kettle grill needs constant hand-holding, with checks on the temperature almost every 15 minutes to make sure the fire is still burning and running low. In my early, naive years, I was in awe of the pitmasters who could reign in a consistent temperature, showing a true skill in the art of being master of the flames.


For each rack of ribs, I used the same amount of smoking wood—three chunks of pecan and three chunks of apple. The results between the two devices were pretty stark. Not an absolute measure of smoke penetration, but the smoke ring—a pink ring created at the surface of the meat formed when nitrogen dioxide from wood combustion mixes with the natural moisture in the meat and forms nitric acid—was way more defined on the ribs done in the smoker. The kettle ribs had a much lighter smoke ring, and tasted side-by-side, weren’t nearly as packed with smoky flavor. Read more here.

BBQ Smoker is designed for any method of cooking, be it BBQ grilling, roasting, meat smoking and water smoking for creating delicious meals!

2017  Top 10 Best Value Backyard Smokers

Everyone loves smokey food. The smell of fire roasted meats and spirit of kinship that pervades BBQ gatherings harkens back to our ancestors. You just don’t get that with boiled ribs. For many years smoking was a mystery to most home cooks. Today it’s commonplace to find backyard smokers filling neighborhoods with irresistible fragrance.

You may have noticed a growing presence of inexpensive smokers at your hardware store. Some cheap smokers can cause disappointment and even outright exasperation. Beware, but don’t be deterred! You can get good smokers that are easy to use and produce excellent results for reasonable prices. You’ve just got to know what to look for. Let us help.

For price and ease of use it is hard to beat the small gas smokers like the Char-Broil or the Camp Chef Smoke Vault. Snobs snort at gas smokers, but we’re here to tell you that many top rated BBQ restaurants use big gas smokers, and the small ones are really inexpensive, easy to set and walk away, and the product will make you a hero. With a high quality modern barbecue smoker you no longer need to hover over your machine for hours, constantly monitoring the temp, fiddling with the dampers, shoveling coal, and adding wood. See more here.

BBQ smoker is an outstanding choice for backyard enthusiasts who want an offset smoker with quality that the box stores can’t get close to.

The Best BBQ: Smokers Vs Grills

“Finding the best BBQ is a personal quest that I share with many other BBQ enthusiasts. There’s something amazing about sitting down in front of a large plate, knowing that it was cooked the old fashioned way — with fire! However, cooking with fire is much different than in years past, with a multitude of tools. If you’re interested in finding the very best BBQ, learn about the benefits of smokers and grills so you can find the perfect flavour.

Getting The Best BBQ: The Benefits Of Smokers

Smoking is truly a labour of love and it’s typically not something that busy professionals can undertake on a busy weeknight when they get home from work. Because smoking uses indirect heat instead of placing the meat directly on top of a flame, it can be a lengthy process. However, if you have the time, the results are well worth it. Meat that’s smoked, instead of grilled, is more tender because of the lengthy cooking process. Additionally, the smoke helps infuse the meat with a unique flavour that many grill masters say is well worth the effort.

Getting The Best BBQ: The Benefits Of A Grill

However, there are a few instances that you just don’t have the time to smoke your dinner for hours before eating. That doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the best BBQ possible, though! A grill is fast, convenient and versatile. If you use a gas grill, it’s possible to eat in as little as 20-30 minutes, depending on what you’re grilling. Charcoal grills can require a little extra time to preheat, but the time involved is still less than using a smoker. Additionally, a grill can cook everything from hamburgers and hot dogs, to chickens, to veggies and even desserts. Check full article here.

Having A BBQ Pro Smoker Is A Must

BBQ pro smoker Can allow you give meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables a rich smokey flavor right off your gas BBQ or Weber. BBQ smoker can be a suitable replacement for your stove, so if you bring it along, then you can leave the stove behind. Smokers are particularly popular around the holidays and are certainly not just for BBQ season a backyard BBQ smoker can be used all year round!

BBQ pro smoker can do the same job with a little more wood for a fraction of that cost.BBQ smoker can be easily modified to be used as a small and very portable charcoal grill. A grill and a BBQ smoker can both be welcome additions to your outdoor kitchen, but if you can only choose one, consider a high-quality grill and add a smoker tube so that you have the best of both worlds, call us here: (888) 556-8121.

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Barbecue Etiquette- Guide To Social Functions

A BBQ Etiquette Is Important

Barbecue Etiquette- Guide To Social FunctionsBarbecue etiquette is easy enough to remember and can help guide us all. A summer barbecue is one of life’s simple pleasures; it is one of the most relaxed functions you can attend. It provides a great excuse to get family and friends together.

In addition to showcasing your fresh, Barbecue Etiquette, seasonal food, it allows us to enjoy the great outdoors, soak up the sun and try out all of our new summer drink recipes. And there is something about barbecuing that makes everything taste better.If barbeque etiquette sounds like an oxymoron, it isn’t, there are indeed rules for properly conducting yourself as a host and as a guest.

4 Things You Should Do to Prepare Your Grill for Grilling Season

Here’s a quick checklist of things you should run through before you light the first fire of the year!

1. Safety First: Check the Hose

Here’s the thing that some people forget about grills: they are filled with fire. Considering yours may have been sitting for many months without being used, take a few minutes to give it a once over before you press ignite. Specifically, if you have a gas grill, check the hose from your propane to your burners and make sure it’s intact and clean. If there’s any build-up on the hose, be sure to clean it off before starting your grill. (Hoses can light on fire. Trust me, I know.)

2. Time for a Quick Cleaning

I’m not the best at cleaning my grill, but I do always take the time to clean it once after winter. If you have a gas grill, take the grates out and give everything a good scrub down.  You can use a wire brush and a damp cloth to get the job done. I don’t recommend soap. It can linger and it’s tough to wash off.

3. It’s a Trap! Clean Out Your Grease Trap

Remember the grease trap under your grill? Yeh… me neither. Before the grilling season starts though, be sure to pull it out and dump out any grossness from last year. For easy clean-up next year, line your grease trap with some sturdy aluminum foil. See more here.

If you are the host, Invitations an afternoon barbecue is not as formal as a wedding or sit-down dinner. When crafting your guest list and invitation, write it to reflect that it is a casualevent.

Brush Up on Your Barbecue Etiquette

It is also the time to revisit your barbecue etiquette.

For the hosts:

  1. Be prepared. That means making sure you have enough of everything from charcoal or propane to food and beverages And don’t forget the cups, plates and napkins. Grandma’s china and crystal are not appropriate substitutes when you run out of serving items.
  2. Have a rain plan. While rain should be forbidden during outdoor events, it will occasionally show up.  Either arrange for tents or know how you will handle an indoor picnic.
  3. Provide all the food and beverage.  Unless you are hosting a family reunion or the traditional neighborhood party, don’t ask people to bring things.
  4. Have plenty of bug spray and insect repellent.  Your guests should be the ones eating, not being eaten. If you live in a “buggy” environment, it is a good idea to have food domes on hand, not only to keep certain foods warm, but to keep flying pests out of your culinary delights.

For the guests:

  1. 1.       Keep your grilling advice to yourself.  Your host is in charge of the grill. You may have what you consider is a better way of doing of things, but unless you see that the host is about to set the place on fire, keep your mouth shut. Open it only for conversation and food.
  2. 2.       Leave your legendary potato salad at home.  Unless you are asked to bring a dish, don’t.  It would be an insult to your host. Check more here.

Just because these festive events are generally held outdoors and are casual in nature does not mean anything goes and there are rules to observe.


It’s BBQ season and, girl, are we hungry. Getting invited to a cookout might be one of the top five joys of summer, so being a gracious guest is a must. You don’t want to be the person people whisper or clutch their pearls about. Here are the do’s and don’ts of BBQ etiquette.


You know how people say, “Oh no, you don’t have to bring anything. Your presence is enough!” They’re lying. They just want to see if you were raised properly. You don’t have to go all out and bring a dish (unless you ran that idea by the host first); grab a bottle of wine or dessert from the store instead. It shows that you care enough to not only want the free food.


I’m looking at you, women who wear heels to the cookout. Question: why do you do this? There is nothing more off-putting than seeing a chick in the highest of heels teeter-totter and poke holes in the grass because they were more concerned with trying to get chose than having a good time. Look, boo, showing that you can be playful at a place where it counts, such as a BBQ, is more important than looking uncomfortable with a big ass bag by your side while you’re struggling cutting up your ribs with a knife and fork. Some things just don’t mix. Read full article here.

A BBQ Etiquette Is A Must!

In recent years, barbeques have grown in popularity as an easy, fun, and delicious way of getting people together. They have also spilled over into the professional world and have become an informal setting for colleagues get together outside of the office. Office barbecues etiquette can be a great place to get to know your colleagues, and perhaps even your superiors, on a more personal level, given the informal and relaxed setting.

Although the term “barbecue” holds many connotations (such as informal, fun, relaxed, and beer), there is still some barbecue etiquette to abide by, especially when the barbecue in question is one filled with colleagues and/or superiors. Many of the same rules in effect at a holiday cocktail party still hold true at an informal barbecue. Barbecues take place outdoors and begin much earlier in the day, call us here: (888) 556-8121 for more tips for barbecue etiquette.

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